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    How to reinstall the certificate ?

    I installed a SSL Certificate on my old box (Ensim Pro). I know want to reinstall the same certificate on my cPanel box.

    cPanel is telling me there's something wrong in the certificate.

    Can I get EV1Servers to reissue the certificate.

    Thanks to help me.



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    From experience Ev1 don't reissue. If you need it, you can ask for a refund and buy a new certificate.

    I have transferred certificates from server to server successfully many times, though not from Ensim.
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    Are you using the same key, CSR, and CRT files?

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    I agree with the above, except you should not need the CSR.

    As long as you have the Private Key and the certificates that were issued from the CSR (generated using the Private Key) then you will be able to move the certificates between Apache based boxes without much problem.

    The Private Key and issued certificates have a 'modulus', which is a number that they use to make sure they match each other, if not you get error messages and SSL will not become active.

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