Hey everyone,

Posted originally at the whoiscart forums, but also may be some good ideas around here. How do you deal with this situation, whoiscart users, or otherwise?

We're in the beginning stages of offering niche hosting for some turn-key website packages. We want to offer base packages and a few a la carte options that they can add into the recurring payments. It looks like I can do this by adding another 'hosting package' for the feature, say 'extra 1 GB' or 'initial customization' etc. etc. We will be targeting agencies that will have a main site, and will allow each employee to have their own site as well, but billing goes through the main agency. What I will need to do is when they add an employee (and in turn a new site) they need to be billed that much more each month. Many will have upwards of 20 individual employee sites and multiple a la carte options added, this could make for quite a few recurring payments. Is there a way to have certain options adjust certain sums without having to charge the client with 40 different subscriptions? automatically or manually. I realize this may throw off some of the dates, but it seems we could develop a policy around that.

To try and clarify, I'll give an example:

XYZ signs up with us for the base package along with 10 employee sites. For simplicity, we will charge 100/mo. and 10/mo. for each employee site. We are now billing them 200/mo. A month later they add 2 more employee sites and 'extra storage space' for file backups. This costs them 20/mo. more for the agents and 10/mo. more for the space. This may happen 10, 20, 30 times a year when they increase or add options to their account plan. Is getting charged all different times of the month for each different order sensible? (this is honest question, I may be overlooking many things) Or is there a way to 'edit' the subscription price in Whois.Cart()tm (using paypal right now)?

I know many of you probably deal with similar circumstances, how do you handle it?