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    Question Question for Norton users...

    I have a Norton Internet Security 2003 that just expired within the past month that came with my Intel motherboard. When I go to renew it asks me if I want to upgrade to 2004 edition for $50.

    However, I thought you could do it for less elsewhere. I see there is a coupon code field to use, and was wondering how you upgraded your Norton when it came time. It would be nice if there was a nifty coupon code like has (code: 12345) for 1/2 price equitment.

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    i haven't upgraded yet.

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    I got the upgrade for Norton from Internet Security 2003 to 2004. Was probably about $50 ish but this is in the UK.

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    If you look in the ads you can find the 2004 version for free after rebates. One is a normal rebate and the second is an 'upgrade' rebate. I've don't know what is required for the 'upgrade' rebates.
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    I got Norton Internet Security (Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti-spam and a bunch of other stuff, not an upgrade, full version fresh install) for about 37 GBP, off

    Not very expensive at all, definately worth it
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    i still use 2003, seems to still work decently, untill otherwise ill keep using it.

    regarding the upgrade, im not too sure, because i always just buy the full versions.
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