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    Wink Site Review Please - Just Another Search Engine :)

    Hey everyone - looking for a site review of our search engine -

    Yes i know there are a million other pay-per-click search engines out there and yes i know there are a million smartsearch engines out there but i like mine the most

    Site gains about 15k-20k searches per day and in between 500-2k unique a day and growing.

    I started it awhile back and just left it without doing any SEO work and it's grown but i'm working on the design of it little by little when i have free time.

    Any comments are appreciated,
    i don't have SFW websites anymore

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    omg hey epic

    its karl i used to admin on your forums

    I cant access them anymore says im banned???

    anyway back on topic

    Much better logo than u used to have/

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