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    Dedicated Server Reccomendation

    I am thinking about starting a webhosting company. I wanted to know if any of you guys could reccomend me a good company. I need something that has a reliable network, good support, and 99.9% Uptime garuantee.

    Also, what are better, celerons or Pentium 4's? I am currently thinking of the following specs:

    Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz (Or More)
    1 GB EEC RAM
    80 GB HDD (or More)
    Cpanel and Fantastico.

    I was looking at ServerMatrix and Does Managed have fast speeds, and is their network improving (I heard they have many downtimes)? Is there any other company I should consider looking at?


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    Pentium 4s are MUCH better than Celerons because of their internal cache. Ie. personally I'ed MUCH rather have a Pentium 4 1.6 GHZ than a Celeron 2.4. The Pentium 4 would kick the Celeron around. Even a 1.2 Pentium III would do well against a Celeron 2.4 when it comes to hosting (Althought it probably would not beat it).

    ECC ram as you suggest is very nice. It increases stability at a VERY low performance cost.

    Personally, if I had the option, I would choose a SCSI over IDE drive - of course it depends if you really need 80 GB? (all my sites are hosted on a 20GB hdd and there is more than 10GB free lol)

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    Pentium 4s are better than Celerons - They have large cache sizes. Out of your choices, I'd go with ServerMatrix. Other companies you could look at are: (NAC)


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    I would recommend against the part that turned off was this from their acceptable use policy provides temporary burst (not sustained speed) up to 100Mbps for each server as a courtesy only. Servers that use more 10Mbps for 20 minutes or longer and/or consistently causing performance problems will be disconnected from the network to prevent such activities from obstructing network access for other users.
    the "and/or consistently causing performance problems" scares me because they don't define that what exactly is. Is it using 7Mbps for 30 minutes or using 20Mbps for 5 minutes? or is entirely something else?

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    Just make sure you get a provider that can grow as you do. That is, make sure you can upgrade your bandwidth, IP addresses, and hard drive space as needed (for reasonable prices).

    Josh gave a great list of providers to check out. If you can't find something you like among them, you probably won't anywhere else. I would recommend and before the rest in the list. However, always shop around. Someone may have deals!

    Dedicated servers are a buyer's market for small and medium sized operations, so explore all your options.

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    I was looking at ServerMatrix, they seem good. I just have 1 more question, a P4 2.8 Ghz with 1 GB RAM will cost me $149 and a P4 2.4 GHz with 512 MB RAM will cost me $129. Which one should I go for (It will be good for now, and also for the future)? Is it better to stick with the 512 MB RAM as I am just starting and upgrade it later?

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    I would go for the more expensive one, if the extra $20 isn't that important to you. Double the RAM and 400 Mhz more on the processor will give the server an extra "kick" and allow it to adapt better to higher loads. The more RAM you can get on web applications, the better.

    If you're going to start out really small and modest, however, it might be okay to just have the 512MB of RAM. Just make sure you can upgrade later at a reasonable price!

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    I would def go with the p4, I strongly reccomend against Some other providers you could go with are
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    Originally posted by beowulfdk
    Even a 1.2 Pentium III would do well against a Celeron 2.4 when it comes to hosting (Althought it probably would not beat it).
    Not even remotely true.

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