Have you ever wondered how many domain names a company may host? Its not that difficult to figure out. Using our Name Server Detective you simply load the zone file, supply the desired name server information and run the application. The results are saved to a simple .txt file leaving you with a clean list of domain names that belong to that name server. The results can be sorted alphabetically or by character length. You also have the ability to apply filters to narrow the scope of your search. If you want to omit certain domain names that contain the characters (y,q,z,-) simply apply the filters. If you require only domains within a certain character length, simply apply the filters. You also have the ability to extract domains based on your supplied (keyword). Web hosting companies can use our program to monitor the competition. Individuals can use the program to generate a list of domain names associated with a web hosting company to determine the companies size. The program can also be used to keep track of daily registrations by many drop catching services, registrars, or individuals. You must have access to the zone files to use our program.

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