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    Question so who are the best then ?

    Ok Ok Ok so we know reliablitity ids the key factor of any good hosting company and I would say that just as important is thier azttitude on the phone or in emails. So lets decide right now , who are the top five hosting /reseller companies out there ?
    kind regards

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    I don't think you can really have a top 5. Different people ask for different qualities in a webhost.

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    There is no top. It's just like the "who's the best host?" question. There is no best host. There is no way to measure that. It's too subjective. Find quality, respected hosts then choose the one for you. That's all there is to it IMHO.

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    There is no 'best' host. There is only the host that's best for you.


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    Its all depends what you are looking for

    Be it

    Software bundles
    and many more factors play in to making a good host and some have an edge compared to others and yet they seem to loose ground on another key feature.....It all depends...

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    Everyone here is right BAZZZZZZMAN, there is no best host. It all depends on what they have to offer. Different hosts have different features that they offer, which makes it hard to even get close to determine who the best hosts are.

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    If you post specifically what you are looking for., such as quick response times, low cost, phone support etc, you can usually whittle down the numbers quite a bit.

    Ultimately though you will still get subjective recommendations from people on the boards. But hey, its better than nothing, right..

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    A great way to start in finding this is narrowing down from a list of hosts you see either here on the internet. Find out common denominators that you feel would really benefit you and then search for those qualities.

    An excellent resource, of course, are these forums. Once you find your personal top 5 hosts, then pull a search on them here in the forums and you'll find some good reading material. Just make sure you've done your homework, look for a money-back guarantee and you can't go wrong*.

    *if you go wrong, get your money back and keep looking
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    Originally posted by EcpHosting
    [B]Just make sure you've done your homework, look for a money-back guarantee and you can't go wrong
    SLA, yes, definitely.

    (unconditional?)Money back guarantee? not if the provider has any sense. The shared hosting, and reseller hosting fields are a world apart, don't confuse them.


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    Yeah definitely look for some kind of money back guarantee. Also ask some questions its not going to harm them.Ask for server uptime stats any problems they have had in the past, customer emails etc.

    Hope this helps.

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    All hosts / companies always have their problems. Thus its should be up to the person who is looking for accounts to decide for themselves. Do your research and research until your sure about the company.
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    My own personal experience tells me:

    1. 1&1 - reliability and quality
    2. iPowerWeb - the rest. Good reseller program too.

    I wouldn't like to comment on 3, 4 and 5 because I haven't tested their technical support but I would guess Lunar Pages or would investigate canaca or something.

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    A search on these forums for ipowerweb will generally reveal not-so-pleasant things about them.

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    I am not going to rank them for you since I don't have the experience with many hosts...

    However, I would definitely rank Dathorn as one of the best reseller providers.

    (I am thinking you want advice and not a lecture.. otherwise I agree with the others. "The Best" is so subjective since there are so many providers with such a large range of services, support, and levels of expertise)

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    First a thanks to especially this and a few other forums which I found valueable in finding a new reseller account hoster.

    I had a issue wih my previous host in the sense of non service; ie: replies to questions by a question(not what I was looking for) or mere referencee to their FAQ (which did not have the answers) also very dissapaointed to find that the tools they supplied in some cases were not up to scratch.

    I chose DIY Hosting from reading posts around the net and I want to say that their service has been superb, the plans are competitive but it was the service I was after.

    I have only been with them a month but the service and their time spent helping me in that time has been beyond reasonable expectations. For instacnce they put right a php board from my previous supplier that was 2 years out of date!! version 2.06 with out any of the security patches either.
    all automated from their Hspehere panel/

    DIY had the up to date version 2.08 and I just could not get it to work by uploading the database from the old one.

    They helped me put it right!

    As a bit of advice to would be resellers is-

    Whatever company your with to be patient and treat their technicians with respect but if they dont return it GO!

    If your looking to be a reseller dont just look at the initial cost as you will end up like me paying twice- however DIY are cheaper than my previous anway.

    I'm sure folk are suspicious of such posts, but I am genuine and feel folk should know of good news

    10 out of 10 so far for DIY

    I am a genuine customer(and have no business link apart from our account to the company in fact I had not heard of them until checking around)

    Just to add Imo, what is the worth of a 30 day money back guarantee if the host is poor, you are gonna get your few dollars back but it has just cost you a month of your time

    the only no loser is the host!

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    Finnbarr, glad to hear you're happy with your host. Remember to come back in a few month's time and let us know how things are going. It's nice to have updates.


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    I will Dan,

    I just looked at your site there (not read it fully) seems another good source for folk.

    Good luck

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