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    Enabling GD in PHP

    We are running:
    windows 2003 server
    Apache2 ver 2.0.48
    PHP 4.3.4

    This is the steps I have taken:

    We have had apache and php working correctly for about 2 months now. However we now need gd2 enabled for a new feature. So I opened the php.ini and found "extension=php_gd2.dll" I took off the ; then make the extension include C:/php/extensions/

    I then tried to startup apache and it hangs, and then closes.

    So I went to some forums and saw that I need to move dlls to the system32 folder. So a copied all the dlls to the system32 folder then tried it again, this didnt work either. So I change the include to be the path to system32 and fire up apache one more time. This also doesnt work.

    Is there a step that I am missing? We are running hte non installer version of php. Just like I have been told I needed by SM. Any help would be great.


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    This is the reply i got from SM

    "It looks like php is looking for the dll in C:phpextentions. You may want to look up on or under their forums for assistance, as I'm sure there have been occurances of your setup failing. "

    I searched both sites but find nothing. This is exactly what my extensions look like:

    ; Directory in which the loadable extensions (modules) reside.
    ;extension_dir = "./"
    ;extension_dir = "C:\WINDOWS\system32"
    extension_dir = C:/PHP/extensions/

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