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    Reselling - newbie q

    OK... I'll admit it - I'm a newbie when it comes to web reselling!
    But I want to start soon, so I'm doing my research...

    I realise that any half decent reselling account comes with WHM, and that using this program, you can add new accounts. But is this automatic? ie, If a user signs up on a page, can he automatically receive his login details without intervention from me? Yes, I know it's a really simple question, but I've never had any experience of reselling before!

    Thanks guys
    Rob Lewis

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    Not by itself no...

    ull need a third party script such as whois cart or whmap.

    Plenty on info in the control panel section of the forums

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    Excellent - thanks, I'll go look there now,

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    i love Whois cart, becaue it cheap and great support

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    I use whmautopilot, may also want to consider drams plus. I tried out there demo the other day and was impressed. Fast loading as it can be was most impressive and manages domains seperatly is a plus they can grab domain and not hosting If they like.

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    Thanks for replying - I'll look into it

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