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    REQ: Write up needed...

    This is like one of the weirdest requests youll prolly read about

    I'm in need of a writer who is great at writing proposition letters or the sort.

    A club I'm starting at my college is trying to get sponsorships from companies such as logitech etc... (not necessarily 10k a year or even 1k were talking just little things to start off with) So i would need someone who is well versed in writing this type of letter (or whatever its official name is)

    few sidenotes,

    - Since this is a new club, I dont have much cash to offer for this work. (we do have a website and are fine with putting a link there if you wnated to)

    - We have statistics for the writer that can be used in the letters.. such as current members etc..

    P.S. im not in a huge rush to get this done as we will have the whole summer to get the wheels moving... so if you have websites that may help me write something like this, that would be appreciated also....



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