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    VDS setup for reseller hosting


    I need some help on what the best way to setup my VDS for reseller (and virtual) hosting. I'm pretty good with this stuff and by no means a newbie. I have read the dedicated/VDS WHM manual and searched these forums over and over for a direct answer to my questions.

    1.)Question: My VDS came with an lame numeric hostname and I'd like to change it to a generic subdomain of a domain I have registered just for this purpose. However in the information I have gotten from the company isn't very clear.
    If I change the hostname in WHM is this going to cause me problems with the reverse DNS as the company email mentioned? How do other people get around this?

    2.) Is this true: I have read in the WHM manual that you shouldn't host the same domain that you used for your server's hostname (well a subdomain of it anyway) on the server. So I can't host the same domain that I used a subdomain of for the server's hostname for an account on the server? Let me know if I got that right.

    Also I'm going to use this account as a separate account from a reseller account I already have in use. Now, so that my virtual hosting customers hosted on my VDS have nameservers that are of my business domain, should I create a new reseller account on the VDS with my current business domain? Then setup nameservers as NS3 and NS4 as my reseller account already uses nameservers NS1 and NS2 to my business domain. Does that make sense? In other words I need to create another reseller account on my VDS using my business domain and give it different nameservers (other numbers ns3 ns4 etc.) then the ones used for my current reseller account (that is hosting my business website). Your help will be appreciated. I'm almost positive this is the correct setup I just want to make sure I'm on the right track. Thanks for your time.


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    Yes, you should set a hostname that is a subdomain of your primary, such as Your provider can setup your reverses for you if you let them know what to set them as.
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