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    Question Offering Domains to customers - best method?!


    As a web host reseller I would like to offer my customers a chance to also purchase a web domain, should they need one, from my site.

    In your experiences/opinions should i offer a link through to another domain purchasing website (affiliate link) or should i look into reselling domains so it looks more professional and such like?

    I don't want to be making loads of money (if any) from domains, its only as an offering to my customers when they sign up for hosting, and so i dont want to have to may lots to be able to offer domains.

    What do you guys think? Any recommended sites?



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    reselling I would say... more comfortable for your customers... like a 1 stop shop...

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    Few things you may want to consider:

    1) Which method is going to be easier for your customer?
    2) Which method makes you look more professional?
    3) Which method takes up more of your time? (and is it worth your time?
    4) Which method is more profitable?

    These answers should help you evaluate it better.

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    So is there any cheap reseller accounts that i can use? I dont want to be shelling out hundreds just to offer domains.

    I dont know quite how reselling domains works... can you pay per domain or will i have to be paying a big fee in order to sell domains?

    Any recommendations?

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    I wouldn't use an affiliate link. That to me is the most unprofessional. I would either look at eNom, Directi, or WWD. All three have their advantages/disadvantages. Some questions I need to ask:

    1) Do you want the customers to have a login/pwd so they have full access?
    2) Do you need extras like URL/email forwarding, DNS Mgt?
    3) Do you want your customers to see the prices you pay?

    I would say if you look at these questions and others that have been brought up the decision will be clearer.

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    you can start with enom and use their registryrocket service which costs nothing per month/year or use PDQ which costs $99/year
    its all in a box solution for domain selling online.

    or more customized solution see,, they all can be integrated into your website and be customized.
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