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    looking for a windows hosting reseller turn key solution

    I'm looking for a windows hosting reseller turn key solution.
    A package including billing, support, site builder, and a free site template( for my own hosting site) . Hopefully REAL 99.5 % uptime trouble free.
    Price range 25- 35 USD ,
    I've been watching, ,, and a couple of others .

    do you have any other recomendation for me ?

    Thank you very much

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    The Host Quote tool is cool. You should get a reply with in a few minutes if you use that.
    -- Matthew

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    Look for hsphere hosts. Hsphere has all that.

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    You should look at at

    They have all the features you've posted and the have H-Sphere.
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    Another possibility

    Well, I don't know anything about them yet, but I recently ran across Exist Hosting and they have all of those features.

    Check it out. I'd be interested to know if anyone from this forum has had any experience with them.
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    Dear All:
    Many thanks to all of you that kindly replied to my request.
    I haven't decided yet my new hosting, so, more suggestions are really appreciated.

    You see, in the last 2 years i have changed server about 5 times, every time just falling with crook companies, guarantying 99.7 % uptime trouble free, but in fact getting may be 70 -80 % uptime ,PLENTY of trouble, inadequate AV protection and a lot extra work for me.
    This time i want to be sure before proceed.

    My actual server is , maybe you heard about it.
    They are using Ensim CP( I hate it too)

    This guys were fine for the first 3 months until they decided( unfortunately) to migrate server last January. Since then It is a real mess almost daily, just problem after problem, never ending and my clients getting mad at me. I would not recommend it to nobody. I've enough.

    Thanks again for your support

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    It is true

    It is true h-sphere does have all your looking for in a package well that is if the host has all the features turned on. where the customer is first
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    I am currently with MatrixReseller go ahead and e-mail any questions you have to my forum name @ and I will answer any questions you have.

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