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    Blueboxinternet down for 8 hours now

    Anyone affected by this downtime?

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    I am very much affected. Everything is down - my website, mail, blueboxinternet web site. Only phone is working, but there are no people there. Is the company still in business??

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    I hope they don't answer the phone because they are busy repairing everything, otherwise I'm in big trouble!

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    Answer from xiolink

    The answer from Xiolink (ex RackMy) who manages Blueboxinternet's servers:
    You will need to contact BlueBox Internet directly as you are their
    customer. I can tell you all of their servers are not down.



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    Did you manage to contact Blueboxinterente?

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    No, I couldn't.

    I wrote again to Xiolink:

    "First, thank you very much for your response.
    Unfortunately the domain is now down for 12 hours and I have no way to contact them.
    I suspect some bankruptcy and plan to move elsewhere asap."

    They answered: "I assure you they are not going bankrupt."

    What do you think?

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    Their phone message is that all servers are up. I left a message in their voice mail, but who knows if they read it. How do you contact Xiolink?

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    I sent them e-mail, will keep you posted. I am surprised we are the only two here.

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    Xiolink replied that they can not help. This is troubling. I had good luck with blueboxinternet for 3 years,, but this is absolutely unacceptable

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    I've been a happy customer for two years but this is really science-fiction.
    I'm now moving elsewhere

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