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    Bandwidth Reports for named based hosting...

    Hello all...

    I am looking for a software that would track the traffic of my named based hosting clients. I have a custom script that read the logs, however I know this script is not working right and the programmer who wrote it doesn't want to support it anymore.

    I need to be able to measure:

    web+ftp+email traffic.

    web+ftp traffic.

    web+email traffic.

    web traffic.

    Any of the above options will do it...

    Does anybody know of a software that does this type of calculations?

    Also, it must run on linux+freebsd... and it should be able to read logs from multiple servers.


    Thank you!

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    Well, I know it's possible to get MRTG to do these sorts of things. I've only ever used MRTG to monitor router traffic. I know, however, it's adaptable and very versatile.

    All MRTG does is graph things (usually traffic) given a specific interface. The most common interface is a router. However, I've seen it used for all kinds of applications.

    Search around or post on the e-mail list they have -- you're bound to find something.

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    It'd probably be difficult to get MRTG to do it, it's mostly meant for monitoring traffic at NIC level.
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    I use MRTG to monitor the traffic of my colocation servers succesfully...

    I while back I installed MRTG to tried to make it work with named based clients... This was a few years ago... and never got it working correctly.

    I will post to their list... but I was hoping that someone else knew of another program in here... So many hosting companies... someone has to know something.

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    Originally posted by
    It'd probably be difficult to get MRTG to do it, it's mostly meant for monitoring traffic at NIC level.
    That's a good point. But I still think MRTG is essential, to get a live, overall view of the happenings of your server -- especially if you're hosting lots of domains.

    If something is going askew, you want to know about it every five minutes...LOL.

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    No one knows of a software to measure bandwidth on the SERVER for each domain name? Named based or IP based?

    How do you guys bill your clients then?

    Please help..

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    Use control panel that monitors it.

    Direct Admin is the cheapest solution for now, I think Plesk offer free for 1 domain license. Check them out.

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    I use Plesk 7 only on one of my servers. I believe they have problem measuring web+ftp+email traffic. But for now thats what I am using for clients on that server.

    I have many other clients, which could care less of control panel... and I do not want to move 500+ customers over to the plesk machine.

    I need something to measure their bandwidth bill...

    anybody else... ?

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    ipfm doesnt give live statisitics but does count up traffic used per ip address, combined with scr-ipfm it will output to a html page for you.

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    Great!!! I will def test this two programs out.
    Thanx Chrysalis!

    Anybody else knows of some other paid software? of open source scripts?

    Thank you!

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