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    List of domains on a nameserver...

    as an ASP shop, we provide solutions to modern business problems -- and we're stumped on this one.

    I am asking for help here, as Resellers would *most likely* have already thought of this problem and found a solution.

    What we want to do, is to allow a user to enter a nameserver address into an online form, and then have the ASP poll that nameserver for the list of ALL domains currently hosted on that nameserver.

    I would think that this kind of info would be invaluble to a Reseller; you'd quickly be able to see what kind of load exists on your webhosting nameservers and be able to judge the value of any account at any webhost with some degree of knowledge. there such a puppy available? A COM perhaps or something?

    Oh and yes, we do know about the online sites that do this for a fee already.

    Anyone know about this?


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    2,734 shows 3 sites for free but you have to pay to see them all

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