We currently operate a small NOC with 14 technical people working for us. We see that since we run an effective organisation more and more people are sitting there with arms crossed.

We have experienced System managers and coders and would like to use them more usefull in the future.

We are experienced with both FreeBSD and Linux.
We can program in Borland Delphi, Borland C++ builder, PHP, Perl, Assembler, C# and Javascript.

Current projects done include:
1. CRM
2. CMS
3. automated domain registration services.
4. Dialer and Antidialer for a 2 mayor telecom players.
5. Bulletin of public information which sold about 100 copies to local goverment agencies and we currently market it extensively.
6. Analysing tools.
7. Billing systems

We currently have 4 programmers and 9 system managers and 1

I would like to hire out their services for projects and maintence of webservers (outsourcing). We have however not very much experiences with remote administration and would like to have some referal URLs of companies providing this kind of services.

Also any tip or hint would be usefull.

Thank you so much for your response. I am sure our people can work against competative rates.