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Thread: Need a host

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    xanthonyx Guest


    Here is what I need, you can e-mail me at if need be.

    - 8GB+ transfer per month
    - 15+ subdomains
    - 15+ ftp accounts
    - Real Audio capable (not too important)
    - MySQL/PHP4 (must have)
    - Control Panel
    - CGI/SSI
    - 30mb+ storage
    - 1+ Telnet

    Thanks in advance, btw I did look through the old messages, but thought maybe there would be some new information someone could give me.


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    Service must be bad spammer.

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    80,000 feet under the sur

    Angry A-hem!

    Mike's posts will be deleted from now on. He has received his only warning via e-mail, and the CDS shall shame him for pleasure should he persist.

    Other members : you may alter/delete your posts referencing his post if you like.

    [Edited by BC on 10-19-2000 at 07:06 PM]

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    I'm confused of what ya'll talking about
    He's asking for a host.. hmmm
    Oh well..hehe let me go back to sleep -Quality Web Hosting & Reseller Plans
    Web Hosting Since 1999
    Toll Free 1-866-307-HOST

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    A certain host posted an ad in this forum and I've deleted his post. End of story

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    Oh OK. I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for clearing it up.
    Optimum Digital Enterprises sm

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    Arrow CDS!


    I've never seen the CDS in action before. It's brutal!

    Matt Lightner -
    - First initial to the last name at the mail service provided by the world's largest search engine
    - Founder and CEO (Former), sold in 2008
    - Really honestly wants to be a good WHT citizen but can never remember all the correct etiquette. Mods, sorry in advance

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    Ive been wanting to see the CDS in action.

    You can host with us:
    1. Unlimited Spams from us
    2. Unlimited downtime
    3. Guerenteed 33.6k of bandwidth
    4. Guerenteed sale of your personal information including credit card info to the multilevel marketer down the street.
    5. No Money Back Guerentee
    6. Top of the line 286sx server running raid 0 configuration on 2 51/4 floppy drives, with the ability to upgrade to a math coprocessor in the future.

    All for only $1.95/month
    (Who says there is no such thing as unlimited

    Small print: We reserve the right to change your monthly bill at a whim, setup fee applied to first invoice for 1000.00

    Downtime Hosting
    (a division of True Hosting)
    Harvard Dorms #201 carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
    Charles Baker - Company Operations

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    You should change the 'Harvard Dorms' to CMU, in reference to those dumb-asses who tried to promote

    In all seriousness, let's swing this topic back on track. I highly recommend - not sure about Telnet, so ask them.

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    LOL, was there really a 286sx. I remember 386sx and a 486sx not to mention the 486sc, but no 286sx. I guess an 8088 would be a 286sx in a way. Oh well, I digress.

    Go CDS!! Nuke the Ads!! Rah Rah Rah!!

    Marty Hoskins

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    Actually, Marty, I can't recall whether there *was* a 286SX. I do know there was a 286 AT or XT, but not SX.

    That said, imagine how slow things like downloading porn pics or warez or running vB would be if you ran a 286SX server

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    Hehe ..

    And Marty , no there was never a 286SX, the previous post was wrong, SX started with the 386 at 16Mhz, god I actually remeber how great they where ... and the 2K that I paid for one (but then again, I also paid 4K for an 8088), and no the 8088 had nothing to do with the 286 .. you have to look at the 8086 and 8088 as your .. 186, even trought Intel never named them that ;-)

    Now for the CDS ...

    We will beat the price that cbaker17 gave you by 2 cents ... and our servers already have the 286 co-processor (or math processor ... wichever you whant to call it installed !!!! YEAH BABY

    Ho .. and we are hosting on a 56K dialup not that 33.6 crap they offer ... we are soooo great ...

    Visit ut at

    Mention WHT and we'll add 20 bucks to your bill
    Carlos Rego
    OnApp CVO

    The Cloud Engine

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    Cool I need that host

    Hey guys,
    Can you upgrade your connection to a 64 K ISDN line? I would like to host my site with you if you can also give me 8 MB RAM? That would be terrific.
    I am also planning to buy an acoustic coupler to connect to my server to build my site.
    Email offers are welcome at

    P.S. Boy, I still have those 5.25 inch disks with a Hospital Information SW I wrote long time back on an 286. Can't find the drives to read them. :-(
    You just can't blame Gravity for falling in love!

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    Question CDS in action?

    BC & Chicken,
    If the CDS goes into action and dies, do we all get chicken for dinner? I prefer Manchurian. Or atleast scrambled eggs.


    You just can't blame Gravity for falling in love!

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    Originally posted by CRego3D
    Visit ut at
    I clicked on the url for fun... not only is it a legit site, but he's still setting up. The most amusing part:

    The page calls for suggestions on site design and the like... Pity he didn't post his email address anywhere.
    My sites:
    Watercooled Volkswagens
    Diecast Cars

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