Mobihost is opening its collocation facilities in Warsaw, Poland. We have prepared a following special:

All co-located servers are placed on Telia network in Warsaw with a 10 mbps burstable port port upgrade is possible.

The special includes the following:
- 2U of RackSpace
- 1 Mbit of Guaranteed Bandwidth (about 320 GIGs). Measured using 95th percentile method.
- 2 IPs

Setup Fee: 99,- Euro
Monthly Price: 179,- Euro

We will waive the setup fee if pre-paid for 3 months.

Additional Bandwidth: 149,- Euro/Mbit
Additional Network Drop: 25,- Euro
Additional Power Outlet: 20,- Euro
Additional IPs: 1,- Euro Per IP
Additional Rackspace: 25,- Euro per U

The LIM Centre location is unequalled anywhere in Warsaw. Public transport lines intersect in the vicinity, and it takes 20 minutes to get to the international and domestic airport.
The LIM Centre is one of the most important telecommunication points in Warsaw. Currently about 20 operators and public institutions have their systems at the LIM Centre.

Our Network
We are currently connected to the TeliaSonera backbone by a E3 link (34Mbit) with possibility to upgrade to a STM1 (155mbit).

Please contact me at: [email protected]