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    What do you think about this configuration

    Hi, what do you think about this server configuration and price.
    I would be very happy about any comment and see if it can be enough for me.

    I will host:

    * 1 Shopping Cart ( +- 5000 products )
    * 1 Link Indexing Script ( +- 40.000 Links )
    * 1 Classifieds Site ( +- 60.000 pictures at 50k each )
    I expect to have at peack times over 200 people in the same time on the server.
    * A few add on scripts like 2 Banner Rotation scripts, 1 Newsletter Scritp and so on.

    Material : Athlon XP2200
    Ram : 1024MB
    Hard disks : Primary disk : 40GB
    Description : - AMD XP2200 Extreme
    - Ram 1024MB PC2700
    - HD: 40GB ide 7200 rpm
    - Graphes MRTG
    - Support 24x7
    - BGP Network (4 telcos)
    - 8 IP Address
    - Reboot free
    Operating system : Linux Redhat 9.0
    Software : Kernel 2.4.18
    - Apache
    - SendMail
    - Bind
    - Squirrelmail
    - Mysql
    - Postgresql
    - PHP4
    - Up2date
    - Webmin 1.30

    Bandwith : 6Mb/s ( I think 2Mb/s dedicated and 4Mb/s Burstable )
    Monthly rent : $89
    Installation Fees : $99 (Setup fees free for a one-year subscription)

    Thank's all

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    I'm sure it'll do fine for what you need, as long as it's also on a good network and not wired up in somebodys bedroom

    Make sure you consider if it's managed or unmanaged, i would say for the price it's probally unmanaged, the kernel is a little old, but that's probally just because they didn't update their list.

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    This server is on a good network for Europe ( maximum 600miles away from each client ) and in fact it is unmanaged.

    But as I saw already, there are a few good server managers around here, so the servermanagement should not be an issue and I will come along for around 200$/m for this server, fully managed + a 199$ for a Plesk 7 licence.

    But I would be interested to know how much people can be conected in the same time on the MySQL databases
    until it will slow down the server.
    For each, the shop and Classifieds Script, I will have the choice to save files + pictures in the MySQL database or save them under a /www/ directory on the server to hold the MySQL databases as little as possible.

    But I really don't know what could be best in this case.
    If somebody know's? and could explain me would be great.

    I beleave that without files integrated in the Base the size will be around +- 20Mb but with integration I presume, so arroune 1Gb for the Shop and +- 5Gb for the classified script.


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