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    Hard Drive Question

    I just got a new processor, MoBo, Case, Memory, actually everything except a hard drive. I was wondering if I can just plug my hard drive right in with the new components or do i have to re-format it? Thanks in advance

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    It's usually best to set everything up with a fresh slate. Things will work and function much better that way.


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    Depending on your operating system, I'ed say there is a large chance that it will fail to boot or come up with a lot of error messages. In almost all curcuimstances where you change the motherboard you need to reinstall your operating system (you do not say which). Ie. if you're using Windows 2K/XP, install everything (hardware), set up bios to boot first from CDROM, then boot up the installation CD and delete the systen partition on the HDD and install it in the empty space that comes---- of course backup everything you need first :-)

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