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    Dedicated Windows Server Help


    Im after a dedicated server with windows and MS SQL installed on it! Everywhere I look they Im looking at $300+ per month! I remember finding somewhere that was $100 per month, and you purchased the MS SQL license (around the $600). Does anyone know of where I can find a cheap windows dedicated server with MS SQL? Email me please....

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    Check out They have very affordable Windows servers with MySQL from $179 a month. Their support and service is awesome as well.
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    MSSQL isn't cheap, and is hard to find legally. The reason is the Microsoft SPLA, it is more of a rental than a purchase, that $600 (and that is WAY cheap) is not valid for hosting anyway.

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    cerebro, why are you using mssql as opposed to mysql?

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    it's for some clients I want to host

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    If you are looking for dedicated servers, perhaps you may find more answers in the dedicated servers forum?

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    I've spoken to Bocacom before and that $179 server does not in clude the cpu version of SQL Server that you can use legally for hosting customer sites.

    For this they quote an extra $170 per month.

    Properly licensed MS SQL is not cheap - you won't find a server with a legally licensed version of MS SQL form much under $300 it just can't be done.
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