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    Can outbound traffic be sent out via 2nd link?

    Hi - I'm wondering if it were possible to use a linux box as a router and have the following setup:

    All incoming traffic and static IPs provided by ISP A

    All (or most) of our return, outbound traffic sent out through ISP B

    So basically, when a customer requests our website, the request would come in through ISP A, but when our servers send back the data, the data will be sent through provider B

    We don't have BGP in place - I don't assume that I need that setup for this setup.

    Is this something that can be done without any pains? (I don't think NAT would be required right? because all traffic will be using real IPs)

    If a server on our network had the IP: and a surfer called we want the incoming traffic to go through ISP A (who after all, assigned, but we want the traffic going back to the customers to go through ISP B (but still showing that the packets source was from

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