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    Need PHP Programmer

    Well, I never thought I would do this, but oh well. I run a Web Based MMORPG at..

    I have coded two kinds of battle systems for this game.

    Player Vs. Player Battles.
    When a player clicks an attack option they automatically fight another player if a list of requirements are meant. The page just runs a list of attacks back and forth and says the outcome in text.

    Player Vs. Enemy Battles.
    Player clicks an attack options, he goes blow by blow with the enemy until one is dead. I have a graphics system for how this looks, and am quite pleased with it.

    OK, here is my problem.
    I want a Player Vs. Player battle to be more like an enemy battle. I want player1 to have to have a message sent to player2 who would have to accept the challenge. Then they would both be able to fight blow by blow. I do not have the time to attempt to do this, and wanted to know how much would this cost to be done if anyone understood what I said?


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    Please PM or email (chris [at] me any additional details that you can provide (budget, etc.) and I'll get you a quote.

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