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    Various domains around $50, $100/offer

    Trying to raise some money for rent and business expenses - so I need to get rid of these. Prices are limited time only while finances are low - if you are interested, please email asap. Some may be open to offers.



    Make offer:

    Please email all offers to [email protected]

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    Now taking offers on - original asking price was $5,500. The domain is currently being developed into a forum site (see The domain name alone is very valuable as a common keyword and unique identity - buyer is welcome to all content. Portal recommended for maximum revenue. Good forums can easily make $900/month on adsense alone. Get a strong following and some banner ads and you'll make a living in no time. Expect 1-2 months for building the community before adsense really kicks in as a stream of revenue.

    If interested, please email only: [email protected]

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    Whats the asking price for More than 100?

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    I don't have a price, really...I had it appraised by fastdomainsales for a little over $6,800...but to be honest I'll consider any offers because I don't intend to develop the domain. Please PM or email offers though.

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    I'm trying to move - I'm slashing my max price to $3,400 from $6,800 - this means I'll consider even lower offers. - just try me; if you're interested, it can't hurt.

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    Like I said, my 'max' price would be $3,400, based only on appraisal. I will sell with no question at this point for $800 - and will consider offers. I wanted to add this so that if you're interested you understand my range of consideration for offers. Again, this is because I have no intentions of developing the domain. has expired, G5Processors will be expiring soon. I don't have the money to renew all of my domains, so I'm letting the ones I won't be developing expire.

    Another name available to serious offers: - single keyword 3-character domain (check overture for "89x")

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