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  • cPanel

    46 40.35%
  • Plesk

    23 20.18%
  • Helm

    21 18.42%
  • Ensim

    7 6.14%
  • H-Sphere

    12 10.53%
  • Direct Admin

    5 4.39%
  • Others

    0 0%
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    What is your favorite Control Panel?

    There are so many to choose from these days, which one do you go for?

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    Apr 2004
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    cpanel is my favorite flavor.
    I particularly like it when the host includes all of the extra stuff with it and keeps it up to date.
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    Apr 2004
    My ex is Ensim.
    When I meet Plesk, I fall in love with Plesk.
    The interface design is quite pretty and elegant.

    Finally, I started to hate Plesk coz it's slow-respond support from sw-soft. Ensim can create sub-domains on the fly but Plesk...

    I heard about that the Plesk patch will chmod ALL files in your virtual host to 777. That's horrible. And you never know why Plesk did that.

    I miss my ex-, Ensim.

    But I am interested about cPanel after I read the vote result (highest vote).


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    I like Helm. Started off on a custom control panel but the programmer moved on. Then switched to Helm and have used it for around 1 year now. It is updated quite often and they have an active forum where WHA staff seem to listen to requests and add them on updates which is good.
    -- Matthew

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    I like Plesk, the new Plesk 7 is excelent.

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    If you like bells & whistles go for CP, it keep me away because it is still using sendmail.

    If you like a stable, reliable and can hold large numbers of domain names go for Plesk. I am a Plesk convert. I was using Ensim previously, it just simple can't compare. If you never have few hunderds of domain names in a server you'll never appreciate Plesk.

    But I have checked out Directadmin, it seems a good CP too. But the lack of mail user login level, make me choose plesk instead.

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    Feb 2002
    mmm wired there are other control panels, i think that cpanel was the only one!

    Well actually not, but I give my huge vote for cpanel, love it!

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    Mar 2004
    I dun see Hosting Controller, thats my favourite

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    Considering H-Sphere from is complete hosting automation, it is not just another control panel.

    We've been using H-Sphere for approximately 18 months; and, the return on investment was realized in a approximately three months.

    It was the most sound investment we've made over the past nine years of being in business.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    May 2001


    Why are some CPs always left out? Where is DirectAdmin?

    Sorry I dun use any of them ~ I love my ababa

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    Feb 2004
    Denton, Texas -
    cPanel is my pick but the others have strong points also.

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    Feb 2003
    Southern California

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    I like Cpanel, but others are also good

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    H-Sphere, it works, without any fuss.

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    Another "choose best control panel" poll. And again DirectAdmin is missing so i had to vote "other".

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    I used Ensim for a year, and I switched everything over to Cpanel, and already am liking it better. (I used Cpanel long ago before all of this). Cpanel seems to take the pain out of doing many tasks that Ensim would make hard.

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    I prefer Cpanel. Everything at your finger tips. Plesk comes in 2nd.
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    I like Plesk 7.

    It's easy to use and clean.
    The new user interface is cool.

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    Has to be Helm - been using it for just over a year now and it has been developed very well. The fact that regular updates and improvements come out is very reassuring, the WHA guys do listen to requests and comments.

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    Originally posted by CyberAlien
    Another "choose best control panel" poll. And again DirectAdmin is missing so i had to vote "other".
    Me too. I've used H-Sphere and CPanel a bit but DirectAdmin seems much more intuitive.

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    None of them can match the scope of Helm. If you run multiple servers Helms the only choice

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    can you please add to the poll the directadmin?
    i think you have forgot a very good panel

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    Originally posted by icehosting
    can you please add to the poll the directadmin?
    i think you have forgot a very good panel
    Its too late. Everyone who wanted to vote for directadmin already voted for "other".

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    Edmonton, Canada
    Direct Admin!!!! All the way with DA!!!

    This panel ROCKS and is ROCK SOLID.

    This be the best as far as I am concerned.
    Glen Millar
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    Originally posted by iTec Hosts
    Direct Admin!!!! All the way with DA!!!

    This panel ROCKS and is ROCK SOLID.

    This be the best as far as I am concerned.
    i confirm this. It is very stable cheap and good
    i vote other because i like directadmin

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    Well first I have to say that I hate Ensim but somehow accidently voted for it. Brain fart. Please subtract one from the Ensim total

    Plesk and Cpanel both have their strengths. I'm not sure which I like better at this point. Some notes from my experiences with several control panels:

    Question about direct admin: is this cp really simple in that it uses standard apache and php config files? Can php.ini and http.conf be edited in their usual locations rather than being a proprietary part of the cp? This is one aspect of Plesk that is starting to bother me...

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    Originally posted by JTY
    H-Sphere, it works, without any fuss.
    Ditto .

    But, I also like Plesk, and Cpanel.
    UBB.Classic lover//VBlover.

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    What about directadmin??
    I prefere cPanel to a certain point but i like directadmin

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    I like DirectAdmin.

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    Originally posted by iHosting
    I like Plesk, the new Plesk 7 is excelent.
    Are you serious

    I use plesk since 2 year then plesk 7 is the worse i ever see right now..

    The look is nice on plesk7, but it's the only thing nice on plesk 7..
    Its full of ridiculous bug, all patch create lot of trouble/downtime Even the last 7.02 patch is buggy again... Cant add domaine starting whit a #, Chmod/chown problem whit every upgrade (when its not crashing).., Backup utility almost unusable (stall on file whit apache:apache user) so no way to automate thing then need to restart the backup numerous time after chown each domain user files when the backup stall..... Patch never came, when they came its worse than ever....., Backup prob still there since jan 04 then still not fixed

    Will see the next patch, if they release again somekind of "beta" patch i will never get a plesk box again... Tired of this crap..

    All this since swsoft got plesk...
    They realy need better programmer....

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    Originally posted by knowntobe
    None of them can match the scope of Helm. If you run multiple servers Helms the only choice
    please take a look at hsphere first

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    jeremy [ jeremy at ]
    segment publishing -

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    Those who vote from DA under Others can vote again. I wipe clean the slate from others and added DA as it's own option
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    But now it only looks like DA has one vote DA is awesome... extremely stable with top notch support. If you have a feature request, you get a response from the authors themselves... what more could you want?


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    Jan 2004
    another vote for DA!

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    Why would moderators add directadmin to list when everyone already voted? Sigh.
    Just create new poll and this time make sure you include ALL control panels in it, not few.

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