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    image hosting software

    I am looking for some software that will help me with image and photo hosting. I am looking for something very similare to the system uses. i know about 4 images and coppymind but I don't think either really provide me with what I am needing.

    I want it so the user can create a account and have the images avaible via their username. I would also like to allow users to be able to create communities within the program.

    accepting paypal or user controls are an extra. any suggestions?
    Brian Larter

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    Yes sounds like gallery is your best bet and if you have fantastico you can use that to install it and they have a very active forum which is nice as well if you have any problems.
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    I love gallery - I tried all of them, and it is the best. Kind of tricky to configure the first few times (I don't have fantastico, did manual installs). I have a couple of galleries, with thousands of pictures, and am very pleased.

    You can allow members to create their own photo albums, and then they are able to upload/delete/edit photos in their album only. It can operate in standalone mode or integrated with phpnuke,postnuke,xoops, etc.

    Message me if you need help with gallery.

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