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    What do you think of my web template?

    I made a template, and I want to know what people think of it... I have a screenshot of it (so no one can view the source and download the images).

    Here is the link:

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    I don't want to give bad comments, but I'll give my suggestions.

    - Your link text should be centered
    - Try making a background image to go in the space under the text
    - Give some padding to the content area
    - Remove the border top, bottom and left of the menu area, also give the border colour the same blue as the theme, black spoils it.

    Just a few things that may improve it Good luck
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    actually it does have no padding, but since by default it has spacing, the images looks like has that padding.
    also, I made about 5 differnet looks for that website, and one was that template centered in the center of the screen with both sides shadowed, and a background at the sides, but the problem was, the background only showed up with internet explore (and i am not changing back to ie, and not everyone uses ie, its only like 70% of the people.)
    I could change the background of the title, and take off part of the border, but in away, it looks good with that part of the border. And I should have some padding.

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    Umm what program did you use to make the background of your website (, I have stupid Illustrator 10. (which when ever you save the dimentions get bigger, ie: at start it is 100 x100, then when you save it it turns to be 114 x 114.)

    By the way, If you want to know my age, i'm just 13.

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