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    * Any Reviews?

    Looking for people who have had experience with vonage.

    Also looking for someone to help me along w/ ordering from vonage and the plan info as I am a tad bit confused about what to do.

    Anyways, thanks for all the help!

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    As far as reviews go

    What do you need help with?
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    Well we ordered about 2 weeks ago, the order was "closed out" etc, 2 weeks later, i called up asking where the hardware was, they said they had some shipping backups, they finally shipped it out friday, prob get it tomorrow

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    I currently use Vonage for personal use, and besides the static on the line, and not be able to be heard every once and a while it's great :-o
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    i have used VOIP blaster for years now, and although its .04 cents a min, its awesome quality, i would imagine vonage would be better

    I will give you an update once i get it installed, specially from Alaska, would be a true test of the quality of the system

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    has anyone heard of packet8?

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    for toll free you can use
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    We got 1 unit of Vonage to test... and it has been GREAT thus far.

    We expected it would take 5-7 days but it actually arrived *earlier* than they stated. Plugged it in and 5 minutes later it was working just as they said it would.

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    I've been using it for months. It is a great service and phone clarity is just as good as a normal phone. On a rare occassion, the equipment will need to be unplugged and turned back on to reset itself, but other than that, it is trouble-free and I'm saving hundreds of dollars a month.

    If you sign up, I would recommend going with a reseller or another current customer. People that are on Vonage or are resellers can offer the service to others and the new signup gets their second month free.
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    I have been using Vonage since January. The service is great, and the only downtime I've experienced has been due to Internet outages. I spends about 40 hours per month on the phone to Canada, and being from the US this has saved me literally hundreds of dollars thus far. The sound quality is also great, and I have the bandwidth set to the lowest level.
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    Agree with all Vonage is doing very well, ive recommended them to several companies and used them as well. After all they are A broadband phone company
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    Originally posted by projectpilot
    has anyone heard of packet8?
    I just got activated. Made a few calls without a problem, and the clarity was very good. Even during primetime.

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