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    Tutorials Script for sale

    Hi I am selling a tutorials script, like the one on

    Users can submit tutorials and admin has to approve or deny the tutorial once hes checked link etc, admin can also add categories through admin panel can delete tutorials

    each tutorial has a link broken link? and if someone clicks that that tutorial will be submitted for broken link, in admin panel you will see all broken links that have been submitted and can check them then either delete tutorial or delete the broken link

    when a tutorial by the same author gets submitted it will know that its from same author and it keeps track of authors it will show how many tuts that author has total clicks that athor has etc

    search function where users can search the tutorials database

    tutorials also show when they were added the anme of the author how many clicks that one tutorial has etc also all pages that display the tuts will have page 1 page 2 etc and will display 50 per page but this can be easily changed

    the script is easily integrated into a site layout, I can also do it for extra

    price 100$ (can be negotiated)
    payments by paypal
    even you have any questions like more specifics you can post your aim and/or msn and i will contact you and also show you a demo of the script in action

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    will you consider $50?

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    do you have aim or msn

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    This script still for sale?
    John Heslop

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    yes the script is still for sale

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    could i see a demo.. aim is geekpipe -

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    I'd also like to see a demo. PM me if the script is still available.


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    for everyone whos interested you can see a live script here

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