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    Windows/Linux Hosting Lovefest


    I currently host a few web based applications (SQL Server w/ ASP.NET) on Windows 2003 Server at a colo, as well as do some website hosting through a reseller account I have with another host.

    I'm trying to ease into moving everything over to my colo and getting rid of the reseller account. Since I have apps running off SQL Server and ASP.NET(and the machine is tuned specifically for SQL Server) I will be sticking with Windows 2003. However I don't want to put regular web host accounts on my SQL Server box so I am thinking of going with Samba on Slackware or Debian for static file serving. I mention Samba specifically because I would like offload my file storage from my webserver (Windows 2003 web edition) and have a single box for customer files so the file server would have to be able to talk to Windows.

    I don't really want to purchase another Windows license but the cost could easily be outweighed by the (potential ?) difficulties of trying to run a mixed environment. I also wouldnt mind getting into hosting on Linux. Does anybody else do this?



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    I'm really not sure what your question here... mind explaining

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    Here is the gist of it... does anybody out there run a mixed environment (Windows and Linux) and if so would they mind sharing their thoughts?

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    Unfortunately, I have had to run mixed environments. In short, samba is your best friend =). The unofficial samba howto was my best guide as was the o'reilly samba book. Together it can get you started running samba PDCs and BDCs.

    Unofficial samba howto:

    O'reilly Book:

    Let me know if you have specific questions.. I might be able to answer them.


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