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    Anyone here make DVDs?

    I need help, as I am a complete noob when it comes to making DVDs. I have a collection of .avi video files that I have been building up for a while now, and I recently got a computer with a DVD writer. I went out to Comp USA today to buy some blank DVD+R discs, and since they aren't exactly cheap, I would like to know what I am doing before I start burning.

    So, I have some questions;

    Are .avi files compatable in a DVD player, or would I need to convert the video to some format recognizable by a DVD player?

    How can I make a "menu" so someone could select which video they would like to watch instead of having to thumb through the chapters?

    Can you recommend some good beginner software? I don't need a lot of functions, just the ability to burn DVDs with a menu, so if there is a free solution that will do that I would definitely be interested. Otherwise any software that is good for someone new would be fine.

    Thanks a ton

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    Try for some great information on DVD burning

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    Thanks a ton, I will look around it

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    AVI is not compatible with most DVD players, although some can take them if they are DivX compatible.

    Adobe Encore DVD (I think that's the name, so many Adobe products so I forget!) will let you do menus etc but is probably fairly expensive if you are only making a few home movie type things.

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    I heard Ulead was good, so I am going to try that out.

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    well if he has movies on his computer in avi format, most likely they are downloaded movies, so im sure he has no problem downloading any expensive software either

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