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    Dynamic png images

    Im trying to make an image for our clients to put on their websites that updates, lets say every 5 minutes. Somthing like some people have in their forum sig's(at other places) that show what winamp song they are listening too, and then a cron tab(or somthing else) that updates it every 5 minutes to make the image say the current song. While im not looking for that particular output, im looking to do that kind of thing. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Well, depending on what language you choose for this, your options will vary.

    If you would like to go with PHP, it comes with binding for the GD library which will allow you to create such images on the fly. You can then set the PHP script to run at an interval using your crontab file.

    For more information on using GD with PHP (and examples), consider going over the image functions section in the php manual. GD also comes with bindings for other languages, which you can find out more about at the gd homepage.

    Hope this helps.
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