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    Dedicated Support Technicians Needed

    Hello, is now seeking experienced support technicians for our new dedicated server company. We need people on all shifts to man the help desk and answer support questions.

    You are required to know/obtain the following:

    • DirectAdmin Control Panel
    • Red Hat Linux (all versions) and Fedora
    • Basic SSH Commands
    • AMD and Intel Processors
    • Server Hardware/Software
    • People skills and professionalism
    • English
    • AIM/AOL/MSN (Preferably AIM and MSN together)

    Payment for your work is as follows and all payments via PayPal.
    All payments are PER TICKET > Paid Weekly.

    $1.00 for every reboot ticket.
    $2.00 for basic tech support questions.
    $5 for advanced support questions.

    Please send all applications to [email protected] , We will then e-mail you back with a response and interview time. Please include your name and telephone number. Also make sure to state what you know and how long you have been in the industry. Attachments in .DOC or .PDF only please, or you can copy/paste into a e-mail message (preferred method).

    If you have questions, contact me on AIM IlliniHoops289 or MSN at [email protected]. Or you can e-mail me at [email protected]

    Thank you!
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