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    I recently applied for Authorize.NET account with but they did not accept my registration because my website is not in English, even though it is located in US.

    I was wondering which Authorize reseller will accept websites without English language?

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    The answer, unfortunately, is very few.
    It isn't that is denying you, per se, but the ISO that is selling you the merchant account.
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    The best way to handle it is either to apply with an english website or apply to a PSP which is in the same languadge as Your website.

    Otherwise I have a feeling noone will accept it.

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    Keep in mind that beyond the "communication gap" that would exist on the underwriting phase of the approval... there would also be a concern that most of your transactions might be international in origin - which typically are 10X riskier than domestic transactions.

    Not to mention, how can you manage risk on an account if you visit the Web site and can't read it? My suggestion, as a few others have mentioned here, is to put an English version of the site up as well.

    I do know of one ISO that has a Spanish-translated merchant app but I'm not aware of any other languages in mainstream use beyond English with all other processors in the U.S. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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