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    Thumbs down IWEBSPEED and how Professional they are .. or are NOT..

    Ok.. This is a direct excerpt from Instant Messaging between IWEBSPEED and myself , when I was asking WTF happened to my
    websites they hosted and 'lost'.

    --NOTE-- Their phone numbers have been off the hook, busy for the past 3 weeks....

    (Check the last IWEBSPEED thread on what happened with a downtime of like a week, and then quite a FEW people lost their websites and customers due to it)

    me: Dear Iwebspeed. Is anyone on?
    iwebspeed: hello
    me: Hi there, I am inquiring about my emails regarding my websites that are still not available.. MY name is xxxxx xxxx, from xxxxxxxx, in xx.
    iwebspeed: ok i would be glad to help you
    iwebspeed: what is your email address?
    me: ok great. My email is : [email protected]
    iwebspeed: and your iwebspeed username?
    me: xxxxxx
    me: I have a reseller account with you guys I believe
    iwebspeed: ok and what is the problem
    iwebspeed: i see you have a starter plan with one IP
    me: yeah. Well, since this whole fiasco a few weeks ago, I couldn't log into my account, and all my websites hosted by you were (and are) unavailable. I then had that fixed by your co., and I can log in now, but none of my accounts/websites hosted are listed. I emailed about this last wednesday and nothing since.
    iwebspeed: ok it is possible that your accounts faild to restore from our backup server
    iwebspeed: what is your server IP ?
    me: hmm.. I hope they have been backed up... One sec I'll get them
    me: two of the sites , the customers just recently had designed, so if they don't come back form backup, there is a big problem.... I hope you can certainly find them..
    iwebspeed: can i have the sites usernames please
    iwebspeed: i see in your reseller account there are currently no sites
    me: exactly. that is my problem
    iwebspeed: ok give me the sites usernames
    me: I had : xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxx.on there before
    iwebspeed: i need ONLY usernames
    me: there were many, you just need a few?
    iwebspeed: as much as you have
    iwebspeed: i am looking thru the backup server
    me: there was : xxxxxx,xxxxx,xxx,xxx,xxxxxxxx
    me: lots more I can't think of
    me: that they setup
    iwebspeed: i cant find a single one of your accounts that restored properley
    me: OMG
    me: how can that happen?
    iwebspeed: see sometimes cPanel simply SKIPS some accounts
    iwebspeed: while backing up to the remote server
    me: well, that I'd consider a problem
    iwebspeed: its an issue they found in version 8, 9,
    iwebspeed: what can i tell you
    iwebspeed: we had other clients with this problem
    iwebspeed: do your clients have a copy on their PC ?
    iwebspeed: designers always keep a copy usually
    me: No, as they just had them designed and put up by their designers. To do that again will cost them even more money.
    me: they will not be happy.. damn
    iwebspeed: but the designers have a copy
    iwebspeed: ask them, they always do
    me: hopefully.. I didn't deal with them on that. All I know is it will cost them more money to have them upload and configure everything again.
    iwebspeed: ok so first thing, create for them an account in your WHM
    iwebspeed: find out if the designers have a copy
    me: now that they've canceled with me, they will expect a refund of costs..
    me: I can't. they've canceled
    iwebspeed: wait why dont you try offering them a free month
    iwebspeed: we can give you that
    me: I did. they lost money due to emails down and website down for that long. and left
    me: hopefully they won't be suing us for recap damages
    me: one was a law firm
    iwebspeed: its very hard to sue a hosting company...dont even worry
    iwebspeed: if it would be that easy we would of sued TP 100 times by now
    me: I'm not worried, as I wasn't the one hosting the sites..
    me: I was jsut the reseller for your company. WE'll see.
    me: Well eitehr way, please cancel my subscription with your company and I'll need the refund for this months bill, which was recently put through my credit card, as there was no hosting of any kind done for my needs.
    me: Thank You

    I think this is handled by ONE person in a New York office. Even if the downtime was not their fault, this could be handled in a LOT more professional way and in a way to please their customers. I mean c'mon, even I know a PROPER backup backs up everything, not the customers' fault if the Hosting Provider is using a crappy backup solution. They should be responsible for lost damages.

    I wonder if my customer will decide to sue them for lost damages resulting of 2-3 weeks of no emails and website being down.

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    And the moral of the story? Make your own backups.
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    Yea, but do you really expect your customers to be all doing their own backups and everything on reseller accounts? Considering a hosting provider claims to do backups etc, you don't expect to have them not do it right..

    Heck I've never lost a backup I've done..

    And actualyl that WASN't the moral of the story..
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    Yes if you care about your customers

    We have hardware raid, and soon offsite backups however we still recommend clients making their own backups.
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    Even if you have a reseller account and your provider offers daily/weekly backups, you should still tell your clients to always make sure to backup their sites to their hard drive/cd, because of situations just like this.

    There are times (not saying this is one of them) that backups cannot be restored. (Such as a hard drive failing or becoming damaged).
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    But I find it very odd that NONE of the backups worked. I was on a different server than Gaborb's, and they couldnt restore my sites either. I didnt really care for the most part, except for the database i lost from my forum.

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    Well obviously they must be misleading you
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    iwebspeed is prolly pissed cuz i didnt want to stay with them

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    I've put in the WHM/Cpanel news that we backup the servers regulary, but we dont do personal backups, so if they want a completly uptodate version they will have to backup themselves. High quality hosting, low low prices.
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    Well, here's the thing though....if you pay for a service which includes regular backups, and something happens to the server, then I would expect my webhost to restore the backups, even if they arent from yesterday, because imo it is easier to update a page than upload everything all over again, especially people with many sites. The fact that none of iwebspeed's backups worked is a sign they are either careless or they just didnt do any backups whatsoever. I dont believe for a minute that all the backups are corrupt.

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    If they had it on a second drive in the same server and the server caught fire somehow this could happen.
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    True, but I dont think this is the case more like someone's brain caught fire

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    I also lost some sites when one of my hosts went down...The good thing was that i have soem backups on my home computer. They als said they do backups and stuf, but nothing .
    Regarding Iwebspeed.All I have to say is that they didn't refund me the money .i made an account wioht them and theiwr server went down.Ia sked a refund and never received it.And now I see that they are back in bussiness.What can say.They do have good prices but what use if you loose your sites....
    BTW, anyone interested in a backup solution?

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    Do your own back ups lol thats a big lesson to learn

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