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    PHP and Search Engines Optimization

    I have been reading that search engines dont like php cause it makes "?" in the web address of certain pages and that it makes it more difficult to get high search engine rankings. I have noticed that I have ended up with "?" in my address on many of the pages. Is this really bad? Can it be fixed? Is this true?


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    Well, Google and other search engines more along the line frown on such as dynamic pages tend to not be as accurate when indexed as when someone searches for a result to a page and gets irrelevant info. Perfect example:

    You have a page which has a dynamic log of new car parts and the usefulness of them, well when Google goes to index that page, later on someone might search for the relevancy of what Google index and bring up your page, however since this log changes quite a bit due to the variations in ?name=value what the visitor was searching for isn't there. Simply put it is just fustrating for Google.
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    To get around this problem, I have been playing with a combo of mod_rewrite and a routing script.



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    I looked at mod_rewrite and a routing....
    I hated the whole process.
    Just name your .php files with a .html extension instead and add this to your .htaccess file:
    <Files *.html>
    Action text/html /cgi-bin/php
    This will give you the same result as if you added html in a linux cpanel under apache directives.

    Alternatively, you could use the .htaccess file to do each individual page like this:
    <FilesMatch "^(index|aboutus|anotherpage|who)\.html$">
    Action text/html /cgi-bin/php

    I realy should have kept this to myself due to the amount of time it took me to figure it out, but I'm not a total jerk.

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    Another tool for optimisation is patSpiderizer, although some might call this 'cloaking' ...
    it works, and that's the point


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