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    $90 Job

    Ive got a webdesign in a PSD file, But now I need it sliced scripted ect.. thats the first stage, slicing it. Now as im listing webhosts there needs to be an area of the site that allows the web hosts to login to a 'Merchant' account control panel area. Here they can buy some banner space, but it will also tell them if there is any more room - ie.. 5 is the limit, if there has been 4 sold, 1 is lited for sale.. then they use paypal to subscribe.
    Thats probably the hardest bit!
    Most of the site content needs to have a management system so that I can update it with out using dreamweaver or any software. I dont know to much about scripts.. near enougth nothing so again it needs to probably be with in the form of a control panel. Ive had a very** simple one made for me in the past and this may give you an idea as to how yours would be - - this was amde in ASP. We will use PHP as the server dosen't support ASP.

    The content is the main thing im worried about here, if you can make most pages changeble via a control panel then great! because this is what I want. What I mean by everything is as much aspossible is sections such as the news area, just a simple area in the controlpanel for me to type the news and then it updates that section area of the index page. Same for recently rated hosts, another section where both text and one image are places, a section of the control panel allows me to simply type in and then it lists what ive typed in the area of the site. This needs to be throught out the site.

    Any way come on MSN, ive explain the majority of the site, one other thing might be a simple email form ect ect... [email protected]

    The job will get you $90 after the jobs done we accept paypal..

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    That seems like a lot to have to do for $90, and it seems like what you have to do for the $90 is ever growing since you have ect ect at the end.

    I can do the programing (content mangagement, ect) and possibly the slicing but I would suggest someone else for that.

    I will do the program for $10 an hour so if it is a 10 page site in the mangager and you want a basic mangager like the last one about $100 for that plus the time for whatever little extras your wanting.
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    I can do this job quickly with quality assurance.


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