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    managing VPS, managing dedicated

    Some programmer will be installing our web site and claims to need the following specifications for our web site to run:
    postfix+ Cyrus-IMAP (which he will be configuring)
    Sympa (which he will be configuring)
    OpenLDAP (which he will be configuring)
    Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (which he will be configuring)
    Egroupware (which he will install and configure)
    root access

    Because we don't have any technicians (we're a non profit organisation of wine people) the hosting service would need to be managed. We're 350 members, but if at any given time there are 20 members online at the same time I think it will be much. According to the developer we could need over time up to 20 GB hard disk space.

    What is required to successfully manage a hosting account like the one we appear to need? Is it just a matter of having the right control panel or is it a matter of regularly doing patches, or is there "below the hood" code typing, file moving, checking to be done?

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    If you are going to be running that software then a control panel isn't going to help overally as C-Panel and DA both use exim and a differenet POP/IMAP client so if you have already got a solution then it will need recoding to fit the control panel. What I would suggest in this sort of case if probably a plain server and then someone to do "below the hood" manging. There isn't a control panel which will help AFAIK for your specific requirements.

    On a generally level however a Control Panel will do something like 80% of the work but normally you still need to do other things to make sure its fully secure

    Russ Foster - Industry Curmudgeon

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