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    Question about database user accounts

    In the course of developing a web game, I have found that it would be incredibly useful to have multiple database accounts (with different privleges) to access the same database. This would allow me to ensure that certain SQL queries would NEVER be able to be executed from certain areas of my site. For example, the entire web game itself would access the database as "player" or something. This account could only SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE. No altering tables or dropping tables would ever be possible if someone had managed to find an exploit in the game which allowed them to run SQL queries.

    I have other reasons for desiring this as well regarding the management of my development team, separating the live and test "servers", etc.

    My reason for posting this is that the creation of new database users does not seem to be something hosts do for their customers. I've asked around and it's always a very dodgy response, usually qualified with "cPanel doesn't do that". And don't get me wrong, cPanel is nice interface, but does EVERYONE rely on this web interface to do EVERYTHING!?

    Does anyone know why hosts might not be willing to do this? What are the technical reasons why, in my experience, this seems to be a rare service?

    My apologies for this next OT sentence but I feel it's better than cross-posting:
    If you have ever had an experience with a host who offers this service, pass it on in PM or email. Thanks.


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    This can be done with some manual work and I'd be happy to assist you with it. It would be a good idea of restrict access for the certain users and use the "player" as the main user.
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