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    Hi guys.

    How about

    Will develop if it's worth it.
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    I dont see what you can develop with that domain name. Maybe if you can explain it, it would be good.

    I would says value is $X.00
    Depending on what your developing $X.00-$XX.00

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    Um, that could easily be a host rating website or even just a hosting site itself.

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    Yea, it could work well as a reseller or rating host website.

    If you develop a rating host site, please don't sell off #1 spots and so on like a lot of the others, base it on the hosts client votes
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    There are a lot of host rating/listing websites these days so the market is kinda saturated.

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    I'm thinking non-biased host rating site, peer-reviewed by users. Non-sponsored, so there's no pressure. Non-competition reviewer agreement to minimize trashing competitors.
    Incentives to encourage users to participate.

    Will you submit your opinions to such website?

    If anyone is interested - we can collaborate on the project.

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    Got a $100 offer.

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