I'm currently seeking employment by web design companies (or web design teams) that can provide stable/solid funds per week, or fair pricing per project (with possible down payment upfront) I am asked to code.

I have over six years experience with HTML, CSS, and CGI/Perl. I also have at least 4 years experience working with web design companies/teams. I know several other languages, but not as fluent as the three I just listed. I know enough PHP to interact with MySQL and create easy scripts/codings such as content management.

I don't have a strong portfolio for several reasons. My old work was several years ago, so they're lost in 'cyber space' and they have been deleted from my hard drive. My current situation is that I code templates that are sold to a limit, once it hits that limit it is erased and I don't know the locations of purchased templates. I do, however, have a few examples and a few screen shots located on my hard drive. I also do not have hosting to provide an online portfolio.

I'm only seeking serious responses and not people asking for coding help, or anything else I've been catching on these forums. I'm seeking for serious web design companies or teams that are looking for a professional coder/programmer who knows their way around the designing business.

You may contact me via this forum (private messages/posts) or email: [email protected]

All instant messengers I have are private, so I must have a person added to my lists before they're able to contact me. I've done this really to stop annoying IM spam.

Thank you for reading my post, and I hope to hear from a few companies. I will/can work for multiple companies and keep up with the work load. If a company treats me right, and pays me well, I will narrow it down to that one specific company and help enhance their earnings with more advanced programs/scripts.

-Paul Thomas
[email protected]