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    Looking to start a dating site. Which dating portal shall I install?

    Hey guys..... I'm looking to start yet an other dating site... The only diffrence is mine will be personal for people in my community...

    I want the best dating portal but also I want one which is best value for money....

    Would prefer to pay the price for a good one though... Please can you recomend and direct me to one...

    Thanks in advanced for your help....

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    5,651 its free

    adjust to fit your needs
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    Thanks I checked hotscprits and found one I really like but its $200. Do you know where I can see a demo of this dating site because the one on there site is down due...

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    A realty script isn't really going to fit your needs. O-R is a great script, but it would take a lot of customization to make it into a dating site.

    Try phpMatchMaker instead.
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    Give a shot ... easy to customize, has all the advanced features of leading sites and most important of all... your site will have access to a lot of members. Just ask anybody around... it is very hard to start a dating site... not many people sign up when they see that the site is empty and good look charging them.

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