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    Thoughts on these hosts?

    I'm looking at hosting with one of these hosts. Any feedback on which one you guys consider to be the best of the bunch?

    A Small Orange
    Global Internet Solutions
    Frozen Web Hosting
    Host Matrix

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    I've got equivity myself and haven't had any out of the ordinary problems so far.

    btw been with them for just over 3 mths.

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    Cheers, how much downtime do you experience? From looking at their server uptime page it doesn't seem that impressive.

    Geez this is annoying how I can't post urls until I've made 5 posts

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    Aug 2003
    I've heard good things about hostmatrix

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    New Zealand
    well , my mate is on equivity , his server load bounces to 6 , and sometimes to 16 ...

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    I am with

    Simply brilliant. I host a moderately sized phpBB forum with up to 70 people online at various times of the day - the performance is super. I am about to move to a fully customised vB.

    The support offered by the team is truely excellent, the service second to none.

    I have every intention to remain with ASO for all my hosting needs and I would rec them to anyone. Go for it if you're looking for a fresh, new, vibrant and honourable webhost.

    John - TheMusicMan

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