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    php/Mysql vs. CGI/Perl


    I am a newbee. Please tell me which one is better programming code. CGI or PHP. Why do people use CGI in place of PHP?

    IS anyone aware of LiteCommerce? How are their reviews? I am unable to login to their forums. They ask for some customer help desk login and password. There is no instruction. Is anyone aware of what is that?

    Also which is the best and helpfull merchant Gateway?

    Every help is appreciated.


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    php is a scripting language , and so is perl
    Both can work with MySQL (and often do).
    CGI is not simply limmited to perl, it can also interface to C/C++,python, and pretty much anything (including PHP....)
    You will find people using CGIs instead of PHP because
    a)They know how to program in language XYZ but not in PHP
    b)They need feature XYQ or library XYZ (like for example perls amazing regular expressions , which a limmited subset is avaible in PHP) .
    c)They happend to feel like writing in language XYZ at the time
    Also while PHP does have some optimization tool kits it is still an intepreted langauge. For very specficic high load applications people may program in C/C++ for performance.
    I write in php , perl , c/c++ and a few other languages. Their are times when I use php and times when I use perl. If I think I will be doing a lot of just reading and entering records into a database I normally chose PHP , but if I think I'm going to be doing a lot of regular expressions (like for example scrapeing prices from another site) than I chose perl.
    Of course with that being said I'm sure their are other reasons to pick language XYZ over language ABC.....

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    PHP and MySQL <- Best (for me atleast)
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    PHP+MySQL are the best!

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