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    Server setup and support needed

    I need to have my dedicated server set up for use to resell Virtual Private Server accounts.

    The server should have all features offered at dinix (dot) (com) such as Cpanel and fantastico. My server comes with CPanel and redhat installed.

    I want to use free VPS software. Please see webhostingtalk (dot) (com)/ showthread.php?threadid=222656&highlight=vps for a discussion on this.

    In addition I need to set up some password and I.P. protected socks proxies on 5 of the accounts.

    I will be setting up several of these servers, and also will need someone to manage them for tech support for customers, and this can be discussed separately.

    To begin with I can only pay by Paypal for this work, so the applicant must accept paypal.

    Please send bids to virtualpie at healthy-boost (dot) (com) . I also check the forum.

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    I am an experienced administrator, and can provide you with the service that you are in need of.

    I have worked for various local companies on a contract basis, but am unable to provide names of these companies due to an NDA agreement.

    Not only am I an administrator, I can also write documentation. I have been published in Sys Admin Magazine and UNIXReview, as well as the now defunct BSDToday website. I have received book offers and have accepted one.

    I guarantee that there will be no regrets if you choose to use me to fill this position, and you will only have good things to say. If you would like to speak more about this e-mail me at [email protected] or via PM on this board.

    [Cc'd via e-mail]

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