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    Multi-console Gaming Layout



    - HTML Coding (1 full page, and 1 page without content)
    - PSD/s
    - Images
    - Full rights, including resell rights

    Payments made via PayPal. One third up front and the rest when the job is finished.

    Full custimization means any changes, additions, text, etc. Basically, anything can be done to the layout that you wish.

    I was hoping for $125+ US. Any offers?

    PM, post, or email me if you're interested.

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    Wow, that's very nice!
    HQ Max

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    If your lazy, just CLICK HERE FOR A PREVIEW instead of copying and pasting the url.

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    Note: The layout is still for sale, the guy above was not a buyer.

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    That is a REALLY nice template. I mean it Good luck with the sale man.


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    Also, for those interested, you must understand what full customization really means. Think of it as buying a custom layout, but it's been started already. I'll do whatever you want to it for as long as you want (within reason, of course). For all I care, it could be a completely different layout when I'm done customizing it for you. BUYER CAN HAVE THINGS CHANGED OR ADDED AS IF IT WERE A CUSTOM LAYOUT THAT HE/SHE BOUGHT.
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    [UPDATE] I've added hand made icons to the navigation bar, go take a look.

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    [ignore this post]
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    I've got a possible bid for $125, but it's still a maybe...

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    The bid is for $100, and it will probably go to them if no one bids any higher.

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    I love this design, unfortunately, I dont have any money, only 25$ lol and i know you want more than that.

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    Originally posted by shad0w913
    If your lazy, just CLICK HERE FOR A PREVIEW instead of copying and pasting the url.
    yep thanks for the shortcut

    give me an l
    give me an a
    give me an z
    give me an y
    whats that spell
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    wow Spam

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    Please people as much as I appreciate the comments, I'd like to keep this thread clear for potential buyers.

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    shad0w913, how low are you willing to go?

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    $100 is the lowest. I think I'm offering alot, especially with the customization. You can have ANYTHING added, revised, etc., not just the usual text.

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    yeah, I know.. I want this, REALLY BAD. Money is a problem though.

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    The layout has not been sold yet. The current offer is $100, but it's a maybe. Anyone who will offer higher and as a definate will get it!

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    I'll bid $50, worth a try (this is valid for 3 days from now) If you don't sell it for $100 and can't get anyone else I'm here for $50.
    John Heslop

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    Ok...Not sure if I'll take it though, $50 seems pretty low for the amount of work I put into it, I'll have to think about it...Thanks for the offer though

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    well its nice, i think its worth more than $100

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