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    Plesk qmail-queue


    While installing qscanq, I mistakenly copied over the /usr/local/psa/qmail/bin/qmail-queue file. Could anyone tell me which file this was linked to originally?

    This is Plesk 7.0 running on FreeBSD 4.7.

    Thank you. Any help is really appreciated.

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    try the forums at They can help you.
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    Actually, I just posted there... thanks. If anyone is running Plesk, please let me know what the directory structure looks like for /usr/local/psa/qmail/bin.

    Thank you.

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    There is no sub-folder below the /usr/local/psa/qmail/bin folder. The qmail-queue file is a binary -- you just have to find a copy from another Plesk7 owner or run the qmail install again from Plesk package.

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