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    Does any one know how's dedicated servers preform?

    What is the difference bettween managed and root server?
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    wiseguy do a search of 1and1 here and you'll find a lof of answers.

    for 1and1 they consider a manged server something like a big shared hosting account, you cannot install custom softwares etc, and make any apache modifications its same like a shared hosting account

    I think if you choose un-managed option then you have to do all your server stuff yourself, without anybodys help.

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    I currently use a 1&1 Root Server 1. I can do anything I want to it, mostly because admin hours cost extra and I don't need them. If you know what you're doing and won't need much admin help, the Root Servers are an excellent value, and they're worth the money. NOTE: They come with Plesk 7, and convincing them to let you switch to Cpanel or whatever is _hard_, but worth it if you don't like Plesk.

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