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    Image Hosting Website For Sale

    I have for sale. It's a free image hosting provider. We currently have 87 members, with around 2-5 new members per day. The website is less than a month old.

    We have done NO advertising, all members joined through word of mouth.

    400 images have been uploaded so far (around 38 mb). The current bandwidth usage for this month (April) is 1448.11 Megabytes.

    The site will come with everything you see (including domain and script, which can easily be customized and add-ons added!).

    As for revenue, we aren't making too much at the moment. Maybe around 5 clicks on the google banners per day, around 1 - 2 dollars a day. The site does have a lot of potential for revenue, though. You can offer paid hosting in addition to the free plan.. guaranteed success for most image hosting providers!

    No dedicated server is even required, just web space.

    We also have a google page rank of 4/10, and an alexa ranking of 552,027.

    I've already had two offers, one for $75, and one for $100. I'm looking for a bit more than that, but all offers are welcome.

    Those interested can contact me by,
    msn - m0tionsickness[at]
    aim - m0tionsick00
    icq - 230532566 (not preferred)

    You can also bid here, or pm me offers as well.

    Adam Zwiazek
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    Did you code it yourself?

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    If you have any questions, please contact me using my contact info.

    I don't want this thread turning into a bunch of q&a's.
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    For those interested, i've had quite a few offers so far, and the top one as of now is $150.
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    Nice transaction. Thanks

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    Yep, website sold to Burban.
    Everything went smooth, great person to deal with
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    if i am not mistaken, this is the uploader script written by CeleronDude

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    Originally posted by d3nnis
    if i am not mistaken, this is the uploader script written by CeleronDude
    You are correct, but what is the point? Old thread, website sold.
    I buy vBulletin licenses and vBSEO licenses!

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